Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's time that I explain another one of my obsessions. It's called Psych. I like Psych. I like it a lot.
Here's the full cast:
Reasons why I may or may not be obsessed and uber-nerdy about Psych

(1) I am the target audience! I am in college and I am a fan of awesomeness.

(2) It is super funny! I mostly watch it for the ridiculous one-liners, the fast-paced dialogue, and the occasional I-think-we-just-caught-the-bad-guy dance.

(3) My family likes it! This is very important when it comes to my obsessions. I like to surround myself with people who also appreciate the object of my obsession.

(4) My friends like it! What. See (3).

(5) They make loads of 1980s references! I have yet to catch 'em all (that's a reference to the 1990s of my own childhood), but I laugh and laugh and laugh when I finally get it!

(6) They make fun of themselves! In one of the best scenes ever, Gus (played by Dule Hill, who was also in Holes, a movie dear to my heart) and Shawn (the audacious James Roday) discover a dino dig.
Shawn: Oh, look at that. It's like that movie, the one with, uh, Sigourney Weaver.
Gus: Aliens?
Shawn: No.
Gus: Alien?
Shawn: No!
Gus: Alien: Resurrection?
Shawn: Gus, the one with the holes and Shia LaBeouf.
Gus: They had holes in Shia LaBeouf?
Shawn: The holes were in the ground, dude. Like that. And Jon Voight was walking around all crazy.
Gus: Oh! Anaconda.
Shawn: Man, never mind.
Gus: Gorillas in the Mist? Death and the Maiden?

Get it? They're talking about Holes...which Gus also starred in...

(7) The Blueberry!

You know that's right.

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