Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moon, Ship, Word

What do they all have in common? This post!

#1 I am very upset--very upset--that we have cloud cover tonight. The full moon only comes once a month, but this particular kind of full moon only comes once every 20 years. Read more.

#2 I just got back from BYU's performance of Persuasion. It was amazing! Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen novel; thus, Captain Wentworth is my favorite Jane Austen hero. Besides, this blogger has a thing for men on ships, ranging from Royal Navy to StarFleet. And yes, I think the Tardis counts as a ship. :) Anyway, if you want to see the play, you should!

#3 I am participating in a writing marathon. What! Rissy and Dell need to have a happy ending, and by golly, I'm gonna give it to them! I'm not sure exactly when this marathon is going to be, but if you are interested, check it out! In Bilbo's immortal words, "I want to see mountains again--mountains, Gandalf! And then find somewhere quiet where I can finish my book."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Comfort Movies

Let's be honest: I have comfort movies. When I'm feeling blue or icky, I just want to curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot soup and a movie. Now, my dear friend Kelli has fantastically comforting comfort movies, like Anne of Green Gables and The Big Green. These movies actually have qualities that soothe, tickle, and cheer.

My comfort movies look a little different. Don't judge; I like to escape into an adventure, okay?

1. The Mummy
This movie came out right before my family made the gihugic move from Washington to Colorado. That summer, I learned this movie word-for-word. I can still remember the lines from my favorite scene in the library:
"Socrates, Seth Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3. T-Tuthmosis? What are you doing here? T, t, t, t, t--T. I'm going to put you where you belong." Which is where she knocks down every single shelf in the library.

2. Godzilla
Nick Tatopoulos, played by Matthew Broderick, would be my friend. He's a nerd, he's sweet, he fights a giant nuclear lizard that he actually doesn't want to destroy, etc, etc. My favorite thing about this movie is that it takes place largely in the rain. I love rain in movies, especially night rain. I'm not sure why.

3. Star Trek (2009)
I'm not even going to get started on why Star Trek anything comforts me, but I will say this: it's in my blood.

4. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
He's a hero. He's romantic. He shoots arrows while barrels of gun powder explode behind him. What more does a girl need when she's feeling blue?

5. Jurassic Park
This is the one that I'm currently watching. I love the characters, the awesome dinosaurs, and (of course) the scene in the night rain. I tell ya, that night rain really comforts me. Even when the T-rex has just escaped and is eating people. Soothing. So so soothing. Plus, I have always crushed on Sam Neill. And also, the velociraptors are wicked cool.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Grief!

I have found a cave and it's nice and I'm going to spend the rest of the school year in this cave and I'm going to do all the homework and grade all the papers and read all the books and not come out until summer. Right?

So, the weeks plod on. There are currently five weeks left of classes this semester. I'm registered for one spring class, but I don't really want to take it. Besides, I have devilishly brilliant summer plans. >:) I will divulge these plans soon. But not now.

Mostly because now I need to dry my hair and put clothes on and walk the twenty minutes to work. How many miles is that? I shall google it. Apparently, it is International Women's Day. According to Google. Also according to Google (well, Google maps), I walk 5500 ft to the Bean Museum. That's almost two miles, folks! I must be in such good shape. But that means I have to leave my cave. Momentarily. Just for a wee bit. Then I'll be back. Until then!