Monday, August 9, 2010

Good Milk Gone Bad

We had a tragic morning. My roommate's milk decided to commit milk suicide.

It went sour.

Rest in the Pasteurs (of Heaven)

I made a milk joke, no?

In other news, I had another bizarre dream about an Ancient Crocodilian Dinosaur that was trying to eat me. And every time I mentioned it, I had to call it by its full name: the Ancient Crocodilian Dinosaur. It's a mouthful, especially when you're running away from giant, razor-sharp teeth! Picture me running down the street screaming, "Help! The Ancient Crocodilian Dinosaur is chasing me!"

My Muchness: I can build a trampoline! My cousins and I built one on Friday. When we had the frame set up, we thought it would be funny to pretend to have fun jumping inside it. So we took pictures.

Jump, my pretties!

And we may or may not have taken a video.

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Theresa said...

what!! you went to see the cousins and you didn't tell me!??? no fair. not that I could have gone,.. but still.