Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Post? What!

I have three queenly thoughts today:

1) I graduate two months from today! I cannae believe it's been four years. Or that I just used a perfectly Scottish construction.

2) Okay, so this isn't really my thought. It belongs to my Greek god-friend, Apolo. He says that life is not about seeing IF we fall or get knocked down. Rather, life is about proving that the human spirit can rise again and again WHEN we fall or get knocked down. I'll keep this in mind during the next few weeks when I'm likely to receive Major Rejection from graduate school...

3) @ Team USA: Go, fight, win! Keep Germany off the podium for a few more days! Rarr!


alee said...

I keep being pleasantly surprised when I see that you update...so keep at it!

Toni Elise said...

I'll try, Alex! I like to surprise you pleasantly. :)