Sunday, March 21, 2010

In which I set some awesome goals

It is finally time for me to set goals for myself! I know, I know: you never thought this day would come. You never thought me capable. You agreed with my first-grade teacher when she said I was unorganized.

Ha! Here I am to prove you wrong! In fact, I will prove you Wrong, complete with a capital W!

My inspiration to fulfill these goals comes from horse racing. I enjoy horse racing, even though I wish they would wait to race the horses until their bones were more fully developed (R.I.P. Eight Belles and Barbaro). There is a movie you may have seen, and before the movie there was a book, and before the book there was the real thing: Seabiscuit, who is my inspiration today.

Seabiscuit was a funny-looking, lazy horse in the beginning.

As you can see, he was also short and stocky. His legs flailed out to the side when he ran.

This is what he was up against:

War Admiral aka Ridiculously Impossible Odds.

War Admiral was the favorite horse of western American racing. He was undefeated when he met Seabiscuit. Please observe his long legs and beautiful neck. He was a Paragon.

Well, they raced.

And Mr. Awkwardness came out on top! You could have fit four horses between him and War Admiral. Despite (or possibly because of) his weaknesses, Seabiscuit reached his finish line, defeating the Impossible Odds.

And so, Toni the Muse-Tiger presents her finish lines in the hopes of defeating Impossible Odds and magnifying the Light Within:

I. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
II. Maintain my "happy weight."
III. Eat something fresh every day.
IV. Limit desserts to one per day.
V. Drink 70 oz of water/fluid every day.

I. Turn in all homework assignments on time.
II. Read all assignments at least the day before.
III. Review schedule/planner every night.
IV. Reach gold-medal status in the Literary Olympics (more details to come).
V. Go to one baseball game.
VI. Go to one theatrical production.
VII. Go to one concert.
VIII. Go to one art museum.
IX. Go to one science museum.
X. Go to one zoo.

Positive Thinking
I. Replace every negative thought with a positive one.
II. Say only good things about other people, or don't say nuthin' at all.
III. Remember what is possible in your future.

I also have several spiritual goals written down in my scriptures.

Can I do it all?!

Yes, I can.

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alee said...

Oh Tonis, how I love your writing! :)

I think those are excellent goals...and I just want to let you know that Houston has a great zoo ;)