Sunday, May 16, 2010

"In order to prevent the abhominable effusion of blood..."

Hey, y'all. I'm enjoying Atlanta, but you'll have to wait a few more days to hear about it. In other news...

Happy anniversary to Prince Caspian! Two years ago today was the premiere of Disney's Prince Caspian, a delightful adaptation of C. S. Lewis' book of the same name. I had waited for two and half years for this movie to come out. My friends and I went to the midnight showing...and had a blast!

Of course, we dressed up. I was extremely excited about the golden crown I had woven into my hair.

I have very fond memories of that night: staying up late, strangers asking to take a picture with me, gasping at all the right parts, crying at the end, etc. We were so emotional because we were so tired! And because we knew that Susan and Peter would never go back to Narnia.

Long live King Peter!

We had hope, though, because Edmund and Lucy would return in this year's Voyage of the Dawn Treader (coming out in December). Lucy has always been an adorable little light, but Edmund really had to overcome some attitude problems. He was such a brat at the beginning of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But he almost died to save his family. And he proved to us how grown up he is in Prince Caspian. Truly Edmund the Just. Also see Witty and Wise.

Go, Edmund!

Now I look forward to the next movie. Teasers and trailers will be coming out all summer long--I can't wait to see the first one. Sometimes it's the build-up to a movie that makes the experience so much fun!

Some fond memories of the movie experience:
1. Re-creating Caspian's shoulder shimmy (see the scene where he meets the badger).
2. Running into a tree in the dark on accident...just like Caspian.
3. Caspian: "Destrier [the horse] has always served me well."
Me and Cassie simultaneously: "Yeah, except when he ran you into a tree."
4. Fighting over who the cutest boy was.
5. My dad saying, "Is that boy Susan's brother? He looks like Susan." He was talking about the strange boy in England who tries to flirt with her.
6. Rachel sending me signals with her flashlight just like Edmund.
7. Calling Katie Brandt the DLF.
8. Listening to the soundtrack on drives through the mountains with Cassie.

P.S. Props to whomever can identify the origins of the title of this post.


Theresa said...

*inviting tony to come see the movie with us the day it opened to which she replied,..I've already seen it twice but I'd love to go! ok,..maybe it was the 2nd day it came out.. lol
*thinking about how much I love the books and I need to buy them again. ...
*thinking about how somebody bought me the whole collection all in one book that I don't like as well as the separate small versions of each story.
*getting my copy on dvd.

Can't wait to see the next one!!
I sure hope they do all of them cause I can't stand to only have 3 of them done like the last group that produced these films. (I do still love the original movie production of these I need to get a copy)

Rachel said...

Toni, you forgot our favorite part:
Going up to the bishop's cabin, discussing the movie compulsively, and pretending to swordfight, all of which led to my getting a cut on my palm, just like Caspian's!