Monday, May 3, 2010

Of Bonnets and Steeds

In May, there is one event that I never miss. It's deep in my American blood, as deep as the Fourth of July. In fact, when I bleed, I'm surprised that horses don't come running out of my veins. That is correct, gentle readers. I am talking about the Run for the Roses.

Also thus.

I haven't missed a Derby Day since 2001 when Monarchos won with the second-best time ever, just under two minutes. This horse would have given Secretariat himself a run for his money. (No, of course horses don't really have money--it's a figure of speech. Geez.) Anyway, I keep watching in hopes of seeing the first Triple Crown winner in more than thirty years. I'm still watching and waiting. Since each race is only a few minutes long, and since either the Preakness or the Belmont (the second and third legs of the Triple Crown) always ends in disappointment, I need something to further entertain myself. Besides, we all know that I really just want another excuse to have a party. So I have instituted a tradition with my good friend Cassie. It was inspired by such beauties as these:

Wow. Just look at the way that hat wears that guy.

True Kentucky bling.

And she still smiles. Amazing.

We love the tradition of wearing garish hats (it makes the pre-race feed so much more entertaining), but we wanted to honor the origins of the tradition. So we got sun hats that are not so garish but are reserved only for Derby Day and other special occasions. Here we are, dressed up fancy, watching the Derby.

See how sunny we were pretending it was?

Jessica and me. We were practically in the stands at Churchill Downs! In fact, you should have heard us singing "My Old Kentucky Home."

Proof that we were actually watching the Derby. This is just after the race.

And I only have two things to say about the winner this year:
1) His name is Super Saver. They found him in the local grocery store.

2) These are the jockey's colors. Can you say "Star Trek"? With wings?

Congratulations to all the horses that ran this year--it was super tough in the mud. The last time I ran in the mud, I got my shoes dirty. I can only imagine the 20 horses running the Derby on Saturday did too.

And good luck to Super Saver as he pursues the Triple Crown! I know that we have come so close to having a TC winner several times in the last decade. Point Given should have had it in 2001, Smarty Jones in 2004, Barbaro in 2006 (RIP), Big Brown in 2008. But ignore the curse! It's a good omen that three of my most favorite horses of all time have names that start with S: Seabiscuit, Secretariat, and Seattle Slew. So, ssssslay that sssavage ssserpentine cursssse, Super Saver!

(Do you think it'll work?)

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