Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy December, and What a Spooky Day

Note to self: the second month of each semester (February and October) will be boring. The third month (March and November) will be busy.

Graduate school is kicking my butt, so I'm here to blog about it, naturally. Actually, I'm here to wish you all a happy December and to tell you about my spooky day. These are the spooky things that happened to me:

1) This morning, when I got up at 6, my roommates were already awake. This never happens. I thought that maybe it was 6 at night instead of 6 in the morning. I've been known to wake up from an afternoon nap thinking that it's already morning.

2) When I walked to class at 7:45, there was hardly anyone on campus. Usually there are lots of people heading to their 8 o'clock jobs or classes and such. I wondered if it was really Saturday instead of Friday.

3) The clock in the Eyring Science Center was 5 minutes fast so I thought I was running late. But I wasn't.

4) The bells did not ring at 8am when class was supposed to be starting. I just had to start teaching.

5) The bells finally rang at 8:20. Three times. In succession.

6) I sat down next to a random person in the library and upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was Jess, my roommate.

7) The clocks in the Jesse Knight Building were 2 hours and 5 minutes slow. At 11:20, they read 9:15.

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Have you ever had a spooky day? Tell me about it!

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