Monday, April 4, 2011

The Queen of Posts

Okay, so that's not the most flattering picture of either of us. But look at those cheekbones!

I have lots to share today, so let's start with the most important/most exciting first.

I. My sweet little hometown is getting an LDS temple! Here is the announcement. I could hear my mom screaming in excitement from across the Rocky Mountains. As for myself, I choked and fell off the couch when I heard President Monson say those three little words: Fort Collins, Colorado. Sigh. I will keep you posted as information floods in. I finally feel like I have somewhere to get hitched! Once it gets built, of course. ;)

II. I only have seven days of school left this semester. Always exciting to see the end coming! (wow, take that line out of context and it has intriguing implications about death [leave it to me to get philosophical on so trivial a thing as the end of a semester])

III. I may or may not be going here this summer. My family is going for my baby sister's high school graduation trip. Also, I will most likely be there for this grand opening.

IV. I'm doing a writing marathon this weekend! Basically, all my free time will be spent writing. I will be eating and sleeping, don't worry. Wish me luck!

V. (You'll notice that the next few announcements are less meaningful than their predecessors, but they are fun! Or funny.) I was watching an old TV show this evening, and one of the main characters died. I knew it was coming (heck, she died before I was born!) and I still wept. Like a baby. Like a baby with no way to stop the tears from flowing unceremoniously from her tearducts. More on the old TV show in a future post. (Aren't old TV shows the best?)

VI. Speaking of old TV shows, I have the Doctor Who theme stuck in my head. Get it stuck in your head!

VII. I dug up my old Battle for Middle-Earth computer game the other day and promptly killed Eowyn and Theoden at Helm's Deep. By accident, I assure you. Those words will haunt me: "Lady Eowyn is no more." Shudder.

VIII. Along the same lines (sort of), I have recently become intrigued by a creepy puzzle-based video game called Portal. Words from this game will also haunt me. Imagine a robotic machine gun calling out to you with an automated, young girl's voice, "Are you still there, target?" Before it starts blasting you with bullets. Yeah. Not to mention the powerful gun in your hands, a gun that allows you to create transportation portals on the walls and floor and ceiling. And the eerie messages left on the walls by those who have gone (and died) before.

IX. This post is long enough. Farewell for now, gentle readers! Don't have too many Bwa ha ha.

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