Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caps, crowds, and chocolate cake

Something rather exciting happened this week, if you would believe it. I got a cake! It was a delicious, moist chocolate cake and there is still a little bit in my fridge. Please appreciate the awesomeness of my cake.

Pure awesomeness. And some chocolate.

I like cake. I could eat it on a train. I could eat it in a plane. I could eat it in Bahrain. I also like crowds. Especially when the people in the crowd are my fans. See my fans.

Fans of my awesomeness.

It was a packed house, that's for certain. Why? For me, of course! Don't you think I'm awesome in this BYU-blue frock and constricting cap? I think that I look especially awesome and angelic in the afternoon sunlight.

Visual representation of my awesomeness.

All of this pomp and circumstance was for the arrival of my new best friend, D. Gree. D is helping me look like a real adult--all queens should have a friend like D. Gree. He's even pushing me to befriend his superior, one that he calls Master. We'll see if I can do it. In the meantime, I will just enjoy being awesome.

Coming soon to a blog post near you: my other new friends, Apollo the Champion and Clipper.

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alee said...

I agree that you are very awesome :) Congrats on the cake...and D.