Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret State Crushes

I just took a quiz on what state I should live in. The result was Alaska. The two other "good fit" states were two of my personal favorites/secret state crushes: Colorado and Montana. I consider this quiz to be accurate.

Also, I just tried to write the following made-up word because my train of thought changed tracks in the middle of writing it: Alaskarado. Really? I guess it could be an interesting place. Hmmm...

Governor of Alaskarado:

1 comment:

alee said...

I seem to remember you were planning on living in Alaska anyway...right? :)

And my parents are actually buying a second home in Montana this week, so maybe we could just meet up there sometimes! (Or Colorado, where I am sure Nick is going to take us back to someday when he has a say in the matter...although Alaskarado does sound pretty interesting!)