Friday, April 2, 2010

New Job

One of the benefits of being a graduate student at BYU is the availability of on-campus jobs. Unfortunately, my most-beloved job as a peer mentor at Freshman Academy, now called Freshman Mentoring, is only for undergraduates. I will be very very sad to say good-bye to Old FA. However, I recently got hired to work--as a graduate student--in this beautiful campus building:
Is purdy.

But if you don't know what building this is, mayhaps this will help:
Whaaa! The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum!

You may be asking yourself, Isn't Toni a graduate student in the English program? The answer is Yes. But isn't the life science museum for life science and not English? The answer to that is also Yes.

So, what do I propose is the obvious solution?

I am an editorial assistant for the Western North American Naturalist, an academic biology journal with an office in the Bean Museum. Make sense? Basically, I'll be working with fantastic people like this:
Shasta the Liger

And this:
AKA Pumbaa

How great is that? I will likely be working with WNAN for the entirety of my graduate career. So, all both of the years I have left.



alee said...

Nick and I were just talking about how great is was to have BYU jobs...we miss them :) *well, I really miss grading tests while eating fries from scoreboard grill in the cougareat, but you know*

Congratulations on the job! That will be uber-fun for you...and you are so close to all of those basketball players...hmmmmm :)

Theresa said...

congratulations toni that's awesome!