Friday, April 16, 2010

A Real Gold Medal

Yesterday I went to the closing social at the Freshman Academy/Freshman Mentoring office. It was depressing, unfortunate, calamitous--because this is The End! I brought home my beautiful gold nametag. Sad day.

The Nametag.

The staff gave all the leaving mentors a gold medal. It says
Freshman Mentoring
Toni Pilcher
Peer Mentor
Freshman Academy

Here it is, fitting in perfectly with my room.

Psychedelic picture of me wearing the medal.

One more gold medal, but a bitter-sweet win. Now I need to take its advice: Learn. Grow. Change. I was talking to my mom the other day about trials. They stretch us, push us to grow. Growth is generally associated with springtime. So, trials indicate a time for renewal and sunshine? Good enough for me!


alee said...

I love what the name tag is sitting on...glad you are forced to think of me always :) Hey when one door closes, a window opens- right?

Sharon said...

You're making us famous! Yay! We miss your awesomeness. Sharon